Wanganella Sandhill Revegetation Area (26 February 2022)
The following is a total list of birds seen to date at Wanganella revegetation area. We first started planting in September 2001.  

There was only a single tree on the sandhill when we commenced planting; it was bare and open. Not long after we started planting, birds such as white-fronted chat and white-winged fairywren were often seen on the sandhill. Now the sandhill is, for the most part, too dense with trees and shrubs for those species; although they are still just off the sandhill around the adjacent swamp.

Total list of species recorded Wanganella revegetation area
September 2001 — February 2022. Not including species seen merely flying over the sandhill. 

* Denotes species recorded breeding to date at the sandhill.
Emu, stubble quail, brown quail, Australian wood duck, Pacific black duck*, nankeen night-heron, black-shouldered kite, black kite, whistling kite, brown goshawk, collared sparrowhawk, wedge-tailed eagle, brown falcon, Australian hobby, nankeen kestrel*, little buttonquail*, painted buttonquail, Latham’s snipe, common bronzewing, crested pigeon*, diamond dove, peaceful dove, galah, pink cockatoo, superb parrot, yellow rosella, eastern rosella, blue bonnet, red-rumped parrot, pallid cuckoo, Horsfield’s bronze-cuckoo, southern boobook, eastern barn owl, Australian owlet nightjar*, red-backed kingfisher, sacred kingfisher, rainbow bee-eater, dollarbird, superb fairywren*, purple-backed fairywren*, white-winged fairywren*, striated pardalote*, western gerygone, chestnut-rumped thornbill, yellow-rumped thornbill*, yellow thornbill*, southern whiteface, spiny-cheeked honeyeater*, striped honeyeater*, noisy friarbird, little friarbird, noisy miner, yellow-throated miner*, singing honeyeater*, white-plumed honeyeater, white-fronted honeyeater, black honeyeater, pied honeyeater, white-fronted chat, red-capped robin, flame robin, grey-crowned babbler, Gilbert’s whistler, golden whistler, rufous whistler, grey shrike-thrush, restless flycatcher, magpie lark, grey fantail, willie wagtail*, black-faced cuckoo shrike, white-winged triller, olive-backed oriole, white-browed woodswallow, pied butcherbird*, Australian magpie*, Australian raven*,  little raven*, zebra finch, mistletoebird, white-backed swallow*, welcome swallow, tree martin, fairy martin, rufous songlark, silvereye, common starling.