2023 Wet Season birding tour
Iron Range National Park
4 to 10 January 2023 and 11 to 17 January 2023

Australian Ornithological Services Pty Ltd
Tour leader Philip Maher
Tour organiser Patricia Maher

Thank you to Annie, Terry and Roksana for the use of their photos from tour 1 of 3 2022 AOS Wet Season birding tours

The main objective of this tour is to see the Papuan pitta (formerly red-bellied pitta), which migrates to Iron Range from PNG during the Wet season (November to March). Other migrants from PNG we should see are the black-winged monarch and the buff-breasted paradise-kingfisher.

Of course we will also seek out all the other Iron Range endemics and specialities including palm cockatoo, eclectus parrot, red-cheeked parrot, superb fruit-dove, chestnut-breasted cuckoo, masked owl, marbled frogmouth, large-tailed nightjar, yellow-billed kingfisher, double-eyed fig- parrot (race marshalli), noisy pitta, black-eared catbird, fawn-breasted bowerbird, lovely fairy-wren, green- backed honeyeater, tawny-breasted honeyeater, cryptic honeyeater, tropical scrub-wren, barred cuckoo-shrike, frill-necked monarch, trumpet manucode, magnificent riflebird, white-faced robin, yellow-legged flycatcher and northern scrub-robin.  The birding up on Cape York is fantastic at this time of year as most birds are breeding. 

It wouldn’t be the Wet season without rain, so we’ve allowed plenty of time. It is also a great time to see other wildlife and we have a good chance of seeing reptiles such as emerald python as well as amethystine and water pythons.  Mammals should also be out and about, and we will spotlight for both species of cuscus. 

This will be a fly in — fly out tour (ex Cairns). We hire 4WDs at Lockhart River and will stay six nights at the Lockhart River Cabins. 

The first group arrive at Lockhart River Airport on 4 January and depart 10 January 2023,
and the second group arrive 11 January and depart Lockhart River Airport 17 January 2023.

Six is the maximum number we can take on either tour.

Cost $6,400.00 per person including Skytrans Cairns to Lockhart River return fare.
— Less $320.00 discount to our regular clients.
Single supplement: $582.00

At this point, there is no twin share option for our dates at Iron Range Cabins however this may change if Iron Range Cabin's new cabins are in operation.

Skytrans Cairns to Lockhart River return is included in the cost of the tour.

The January 2022 Wet Season tours booked out in a matter of days.