Australian Ornithological Services Pty Ltd
ACN: 065 192 136

Company overview

Birding Tours
Philip Maher and Patricia Maher have run birding tours since 1985 (Inland Bird Tours). They formed Australian Ornithological Services Pty Ltd in 1994 to better reflect the scope of their tours and services offered.

AOS Pty Ltd is a birding tour company that serves the serious birder. While Philip and Patricia travel to all parts of Australia, and in recent years to SE Asia, they specialize in inland Australia.

They regularly organize tours for other major birding tour companies as well as run private birding tours that are often 'clean up' trips. These are trips for birders who have previously birded Australia and require only a limited number of species to complete their Australian lists. However, a private tour can be organized for birders who have never birded Australia.

The other function of AOS Pty Ltd is as consultants to business and government departments, specialising in bird, mammal and vegetation surveys.